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When being interested in a certain product, it unfortunately is hard to know if it is really suitable for your company or applications. We at ECOBoards understand this, and therefore want to help you on the way finding the most suitable ECOBoard product for you. Therefore we set up our range of ECOBoard Samples, which can be shipped all over the world, in order to ensure your thoughts about our ECOBoard Panels and ECOBoard Doors.

At this very moment following sample packets have been set up for you that consist of a range of ECOBoard Samples. Please do note that if you would eventually choose to order ECOBoard Panels, the cost of the samples will be reimbursed completely!

This packet consists of the following ECOBoard Samples.

DECO Sample Pack
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# Option Price
1 11.1mm / 15mm / 18mm | 105mm x 148mm | 650 kg/m³ €9.90
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11.1mm / 15mm / 18mm | 105mm x 148mm | 650 kg/m³ @ €9.90