ECOBoard Panels

ECOBoard panels are high quality industrial grade panels, manufactured from agrifibre (agricultural residue) that is milled to form flakes. The flakes are then mixed with a specially designed formaldehyde-free resin and compressed under high temperature to form a stable homogeneous panel. Panels can be custom made to specifications.

ECOBoard panels can replace plywood, chipboard, OSB type-3 boards, multiplex and conventional fibreboards (including MDF, hard-board and soft-board) for a wide range of applications. ECOBoard panels were benchmarked against wood based panels in terms of strength and specification and can be cross referenced to any international particleboard standard such as BSEN 312 P4 to P1 or ANSI A208.1.

ECOBoard panels can be used in virtually all applications where conventional boards are used like in following applications;


*     Furniture Industry

*     Interior Decoration Industry

*     Building Industry

*     Construction Industry

*     Industrial Packaging

Due to the fact that there is formaldehyde-free added resin (NAF) being used, ECOBoard panels have emissions far below the strict E0 European low formaldehyde (LF) and the USA (HUD 24) standards. ECOBoards therefore are suitable for use in environmentally sensitive areas such as;

*     Schools

*     Nurseries

*     Children’s Furniture

*     Hospitals

*     Public Buildings

*     Laboratories

*     Nursing Homes

or any domestic application with concern for the living environment and sustainable lifestyle like the Beijing ’08 Olympics where Ecoboards were used.


Thickness and Sizes

Standard board thickness ranges from 9, 12, 15, 25mm  and density 500 to 850 kg/m³.

Soft board thickness ranges from 12, 35, 40mm and density 350 to 530 kg/m³.

Standard size panels are 2.44m x 1.22m (8 foot x 4 foot)