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ECOBoard Systems was established to supply cost effective plants and equipment to enable the production of high quality particleboard panels in commercial quantities.
By utilizing materials, normally regarded as waste, and to further expand an established technology, in particular using ecologically sound bonding system, thereby totally eliminating Urea Formaldehyde™ harmful emissions.

The original philosophy of ECOBoard Systems was to develop and supply low cost particleboard-manufacturing plants and secondary/value added panel-processing equipment, near the place where the raw material (Agriculture Fiber Waste or Wood waste) is generated.

The initial concept was to minimize transport and storage, whilst at the same time enhancing the economy and quality of life in rural areas, particularly in developing nations.
The particleboard panels produced from such a low cost system are the equivalent, and in some cases much better than those produced in a full sized industrial plant utilizing freshly cut trees.

The ECOBoard Systems board plants have been specifically designed in a modular configuration, so as to operate equally well in both rural Stand Alone™ scenarios right through to a fully industrialized environment/economy.


With regards to the Entry Level™ systems, local labor and locally produced raw material can be used in a small scale, low cost, simple to operate module, rather than the high capital cost, sophisticated and totally automated conventional board plants.

This type of plant will have an immediate and tangible benefit to the local rural economy and environment by creating a valuable product, from agricultural and other fibrous materials, that otherwise would be considered waste.

Alternatively, where there are large quantities of Agriculture Fiber and/or Wood Waste, the board plant can be modulated™ to a higher industrial level of production, meaning such products could be exported as well as used for local consumption.
Of course such waste from agricultural production makes very high quality boards, and with very little extra investment such boards can be processed to create a very lucrative added value product for export.

With regards to industrialized economies, recent environmental legislation and future recycling objectives, have led ECOBoard Systems to develop further their truly unique systems.
To this end, a high tech, modulated board plant system has been developed, and can be expanded if required, from a small semi automatic system to that of a fully industrialized plant.
The big advantage that this system has over the more established manufacturers of traditional particleboard plants is that of costs. This is because of the initial concept of small stand-alone™ board plants that are based on modules of two & four tons an hour.

With increasing landfill taxes, haulage costs, and more stringent packaging waste regulations, the recycling of materials, including wood, assumes an increasing importance.
Although existing particleboard manufacturers use recycled wood, they only take the best available, as their technologies generally do not allow them to do otherwise.
Unfortunately for the environment, the remainder of the wood waste is more often than not burned or used in some form of landfill, neither of which is recycling, and that ultimately also means that more trees get chopped down.

Alternatively, ECOBoard Systems can use any form of agricultural waste and convert it into good quality and healthy particleboard for construction and furniture purposes.


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