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  • Ecoboards signed Green Deal

    Last week, Ecoboards signed the Green Deal for biobased building with over 20 parties active in the building industry in the Netherlands and abroad. Representing the Dutch Government were Ministers of Parliament Kamp and Mansveld of the Ministries of Economy, Infrastructure and Environment, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Housing and Rijkswaterstaat). The goal of this Deal is to create a level playing field for biobased materials, ...

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  • Ecoboards + Econnect

    We are glad to announce that Ecoboard and Econnect are working together. Econnect, as a close partner, develops custom-cut products, such as emergency housing. However, these products are not only environmentally friendly, due to using the Ecoboard material. They are also innovative. In their own words, Econnect is working towards a new industrial revolution, where products are made to the most exact specifications and demands, using computer software and CNC machines. The housing project they ...

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  • ECOboards visits Denmark

    On October 10, Ambassador Middeldorp visited the Building Green exhibition in Copenhagen to talk to the Dutch entrepreneurs who developed sustainable building materials: "Great to see Dutch innovative ideas coming to Denmark." ECOboards was there and conversed with the ambassador about our ambitions. The Embassy has posted a video about the event on facebook, co-starring John Kempenaers of ECOboards. Click here to view.

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