Why waste wood? ECOBoards Bio based Panels.

ECOBoard Bio based Panels are made from agricultural residues such as straw or reeds and are bonded together with the natural lignine of the cellulose fibres with only 3% additive without any formaldehyde nore other VOCs.

ECOBoards are a healthy and ecological alternative for chipboards, MDF, OSB or Plywood and surpass the structural properties of wood based panels > EN 13986, especially as regards to fire resistance up to 2 hours > EN 13501-1 Class B and water resistance (flood-proof).,

ECOBoards have a NEGATIVE Carbon Footprint of MINUS 0.62 kg CO2 per kg and - 0.98 kg for production from the Netherlands so they actually sequestrate CO2 about their own weight! Also available as Prefab system with SIP's for walls and roofs, outdoor use with ECO Coating.

ECOBoard goes beyond CRADLE 2 CRADLE since it starts with raw materials that are currently a waste problem and produces high quality and healthy building materials and furniture that at end to life can easily be reprocessed to an equivalent ECOBoard.

We joined the Green Deal for Biobased Building.


Eco-Chic by Robert Kolenik

Robert Kolenik proves that being part of a sustainable economy doesn’t have to entail a loss of comfort and luxury. In fact, he shows that quite the opposite can be true.

An award was won!

ECOBoards Europe went to London and took home an award for most sustainable stand 2014! Read more about it here.

Partnership with Econnect!

ECOBoards partners up with Econnect to provide cutting edge innovations in building and product design! Visit the eco-nnect.eu website to learn more.

Kolenik Eco-Chic signed Book

The first book by Robert Kolenik, richly illustrated with professional interior photography and luxuriously produced monography, a selection of his projects.